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Avoid the PR Spam Blacklist.

Again today we were reminded that our industry is changing.

http://prspammers.pbworks.com/ Blogger Gina Trapini has published and blacklisted the names of individual PR firms and publicists who have sent her "unsolicited (and almost always irrelevant) product pitches".

While we know that you do not set out deliberately to "spam" journalists, it is clear that the practices that we have relied on in the past are no longer effective for engaging today's media.  Many of these practices are, in fact, counterproductive.

As professionals, we must adapt to the way that our audience – the media – is doing business today.  Journalists want story ideas they can use.  Journalists don't want an email box full of spam.  Ms. Trapini sums it up when she says, "...this is what this whole issue is about:  choosing what you spend your time on.  I choose not to spend it weeding my inbox every day."

New rules require new tools.  And we think our application, MatchPoint, may provide you with a more productive way to engage the media.  MatchPoint identifies relevant journalists based upon their published work, so there is never a chance of spam. Journalists only receive your pitch through MatchPoint once their prior published work indicates a clear interest in your topic.

Please take a moment to read about MatchPoint – and if you agree that this may be a more effective way to engage today's media - register for your free 10-day trial.

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