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"A fast way to remove pet hair," THE FAMILY HANDYMAN, February 2007

"Sticking Power," PET PRODUCT NEWS INTERNATIONAL, "Sticking Power," May 2007
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Adios, inefficient lint rollers. Sayonara unwieldy vacuum brush attachments. StickySheets pet hair removal sheets are here!
Innovative hair removal product means both being a pet owner and having a hair-free home now possible

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AUGUST 28, 2007 Katie Weber’s two-and-a-half-year-old cocker spaniel–golden retriever mix, Ginger, is “the quintessential shedder,” Weber says. “You just look at her and the hair falls off.”

But Weber doesn’t worry about fighting dog hair since discovering StickySheets.

“In one fell swoop, you get all the pet hair up off sofas, chairs and other places where pet hair just seems to migrate,” Weber says. “You can vacuum all day and you’re not going to get up all of the hair. StickySheets is a wonderful weapon in your pet hair–fighting arsenal.”

Weber, cleaning editor of Bella Online, one of the Internet’s largest women’s Web sites, is not alone in waging a frustrating battle with pet hair. Americans spend an estimated 200 million hours a year cleaning up pet hair.

Colorado musician and entrepreneur Wen Boley was inspired to create StickySheets because of his own battle with pet hair in a used car he had just bought for his son. After spending an hour and a half and $12 in quarters on the vacuum cleaner at his local car wash, he still couldn’t remove all the pet hair from the upholstery. Boley’s “aha” moment was when he envisioned the ideal tool for the task: “a giant piece of tape that would get all the hair off a chair at once.”

Some quick research revealed the severity of the problem. Boley was also struck by the ineffectiveness of existing products: lint rollers and vacuum cleaner attachments covered only small surface areas and took forever to do big jobs. So he transformed his inspiration into the ultimate pet hair removal product: StickySheets.


  • StickySheets have a powerful but easy-to-use adhesive backing that quickly removes pet hair and lint from sofas, chairs, automobile interiors, stairs and other areas where pet hair is a problem. Visit for a video demo showing how easy they are to use.
  • Each StickySheet measures almost 2 feet by 3 feet, ensuring that big cleanup jobs are quick and easy.
  • StickySheets are specially formulated to pull apart easily should they ever stick to themselves.
  • A StickySheet can be used on an average of five to six surfaces before being discarded. (The adhesive is about twice as sticky as what’s used on the average lint roller.)
  • StickySheets are available at in packages of 12 for $19.95 plus shipping.


New York Post “You and Your Pet” columnist “[Julia] Szabo swears by StickySheets, which provide the fuzz-lifting action of a lint roller for a larger surface area.”
Real Simple magazine

“Fabric shavers, lint brushes, commercial lint rollers, velvet brushes and lint chasers beware! Make room for the only effective way to remove large areas of cat/dog hair:”

“What’s amazing about StickySheets isn’t that it gets hair off furniture the first time. It’s that it keeps on working time after time.”
KDKA-TV (Pittsburgh CBS affiliate) consumer reporter Yvonne Zanos

“Instead of using lint rollers or smaller pieces of tape, use one huge, honkin’ sheet and pull everything off in one rip.”

“Adieu, lint roller. … The reusable adhesive sheets are … perfect for large surface areas. …”
“Just for Pets” column, Newsday

“One of the easiest products we have found for getting cat hair off the office sofa. …”
Rainy Day magazine


Created by a Denver-area musician bedeviled by the problem of pet hair removal, StickySheets are large adhesive sheets that remove pet hair quickly and easily from large surfaces without sticking to themselves. Just “Stick It. Rip It. Done!” StickySheets are available at

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